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Looking for Sale Tips?  Looking for Marketing Tools?  Looking to Start Your Own Outreach Program?  Looking for a Successful Business Plan?  Looking for A Lead Program?  Do You Feel Kinda Lost, Off Balance?  Need A Coach To Stay On Course? Just Have a Question That Needs a Quick Answer and You Don't Know Whom To Ask?  Well... Now You Can Just Call the Coach - Dennis K. Thomas, IREP COACH (Coaching Specialist For Insurance & Real Estate Professionals!)

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Welcome to Self Marketing Coaching
Self Marketing For Insurance & Real Estate Professionals!


Self Marketing helps Insurance / Real Estate Professionals improve their image and reputation to advance their position among the competition to increase sales. Self Marketing is sometimes called Personal Branding because it uses branding tools to create an image around an Insurance / Real Estate Professional that makes them Stand Out From The Competition. It gives the Insurance / Real Estate Professional more opportunities to effectively communicate their values, skills, experiences, and vision to potential clients. Successful Self Marketing helps Insurance / Real Estate Professionals separate themselves from the hundreds or even thousands of other Agents who may be competing for the same clients.

"Knowing how to market yourself will do more for your earnings and reputation than becoming better at what to do."   Don't Believe It?   Think about the people in your industry who make more money and are more famous than you.  Do you think they really know more than you?  Did they just happen to get lucky?  Or were they savvy about how to promote themselves?   Promoting Themselves / Self Marketing Is The Correct Answer!!!   This can be a tough truth to accept, particularly when you're new in a field and still think superior knowledge will conquer the world, but the sooner you realize that Self Marketing is important, the better!

A Limited Number Of Self Marketing Coaching Openings Are Available For Insurance & Real Estate Professionals. See Additional Information Below & Make 2017 The Year That You Soar To The Top!   Be All That You Know You Can Be, That You Want To Be & That You Deserve To Be!   Stand Out From The Crowd - It's All About Learning Self Marketing!

  What Is Your #1 Business Challenge?  

You Are In The Right Place & This Is The Right Time To Overcome That Challenge!
"INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

What Are Your "Limiting Beliefs" ?

    Not Sure What Steps Are Needed To Rise Above The Crowd?

    What Is It That Is Holding You Back?

    Do You Have A Fear Of Failure or Don't Think You Deserve Success?

    Have You Had Some Bad Breaks or Don't Think You Are Good Enough?

    Is It Difficult For You To Stay On Task?

    Do You Have A Hard Time With Self Confidence?

    Do You Talk Yourself Out Of Succeeding or Let Life Stand In The Way?

    Do You Feel Sometimes, That You Are Your Own Worst Enemy?

    Are You Ready To Move Upward, But Don't Know How?

    We Understand & Can Help!!! Check Out What Self Marketing Can Do For Your Career   ==>

The AOC's Self Marketing Coaching Program Includes The Following Benefits:

    Step 1: Join In A Group AOC's Self Marketing Coaching Tele-Session Each Week (This Is Where You Learn Sales Tips, Marketing Techniques & How To Increase Personal Sales)

    * JUST ADDED: Weekly EFT Group TeleSessions - Includes Weekly EFT Group TeleSessions (TeleSessions For Success) To Keep You On Track. You Can Read More About Them Here ==> Click Here For An Amazing Review Of This Awesome Benefit...   (Save This Page First)

    Step 2. Be Willing To Be Coachable, Ability To Think Outside The Box

    Step 3: Receive Up To 5,000 Prospects (Of Your Choice) Each Month With Name, Address, Phone, Age, Income, Etc. - A $200 Monthly Value   (Insurance Professionals - Turning 65's, Duals, Niche Markets. Real Estate Professionals: Homeowners. Renters, By Age, By Income Brackets, Niche Prospects)

    Step 4: This Exclusive Pro-Active Agent's Program Includes Unique Marketing Programs - Real Estate Professionals: Click Here   &   Insurance Professionals: Click Here

    Step 5: Create Game Plan For Those Prospects & Learn Tips, Techniques & Tools On How To Create & Gain Additional Business From Your Monthly Prospect's List

    Step 6: Receive A Quick-Start Kick Off Personal Coaching Call, When Your Customized Marketing Website Is Up & Running, Which Is Included In The Self Marketing Academy Membership.

    Step 7: The Self Marketing Academy Has Made This Vital Program Available To AOC's Self Marketing Academy Members At A Very Affordable Monthly Price - Only $47.50 Per Month!   INCLUDES: Weekly Coaching Conference Call & 1 TeleSession Each Week, Personal Website & Prospects Lists (Up to 5,000 Prospects) Each & Every Month...

    Step 8: Be A Member For As Long Or As Short As You Want! You Always Have The Option To Cancel At The End Of Each Month, For The Coming Month. We Are Here To Help You Be As Successful As You Want To Be & Bring Extraordinary Success To Your Business / Career!

Whatever Your Business Challenges Are, Let's Solve Them!
If You Do Nothing This Year, Nothing, For Sure, Will Change Next Year...

Agent's National Helpline:   888.874.5939

Dennis K. Thomas, IREP Coach
Insurance & Real Estate Professionals Coach

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